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Once upon an Island

The Macintosh family lives its dream… with a house on Waiheke that has morphed from modest bach to comfortable home and a vintage-style wooden yacht that stretches their living space to the city.

KAWE. IT’S A LITTLE WORD that means a lot: to carry, to convey, to bring. As a prefix it has even more mana and becomes a word of strength, perseverance, determination and influence. Coupled with the name Macintosh it takes on a whole new capability, spanning languages and cultures but uniting the potential of both. It goes to show that we’re not so very different, Maori and Pakeha New Zealanders, able to turn a pipi into a paua or a fantail into a moa. Or an idea into reality – such as Kawe, Paul and Mandy Macintosh’s Philippe Starck-inspired 38-foot teak boat that extends their land-based living-room right across Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf.